Born to Fly…

SPIRAQUAD was designed with one purpose in mind, to save our customers time in the field. Compared to conventional rectangular duct, SPIRAQUAD’s longer lengths dramatically reduce installation time. The airtight, six-core spiral lockseam provides exceptional strength and requires no additional sealing. Our calibrated tooling insures consistent, twist-free duct runs, making it easy to achieve a clean, professional installation. Oil-canning is virtually eliminated, resulting in a much quieter duct system. On your next project, choose the product that outperforms conventional rectangular duct in every way. Choose SPIRAQUAD!

Get connected…

SPIRAQUAD is available in two connection configurations. Our proprietary slip coupling (right)includes a standing stiffener for extra strength. For smaller duct sizes or where space is limited, the SPIRAQUAD coupling is an excellent choice. The coupling is equivalent to a SMACNA “D” rated connector. We offer a complete line of rectangular fittings or build your own with raw ends. The fit is precision and the joint is surprisingly strong!

In addition to the coupling, we offer a SMACNA T-25a (TDC) style frame (below). Our unique corner configuration is stronger and installs faster than conventional 4-bolt connection systems. Buy our TDC fittings or build your own. They match the SPIRAQUAD frame perfectly!