Oval Duct

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From small to large…

http://thehistoryhacker.com/page/3/ From 12″x6″ to 133″x48″ and 98″x60″, we offer the largest oval spiral size capacity in the world. Oval spiral pipe, longseam pipe and fittings are manufactured from a variety of gauges and materials including galvanized, galvaneal, aluminum, PVC coated, stainless steel and carbon steel in singlewall and doublewall configurations. In lengths up to 24′, our oval spiral is a great alternative to labor-intensive conventional rectangular duct. Pleaseclick here for more information on our Oval Capabilities.

Get connected…

We supply our oval duct and fittings with a wide variety of connecting systems. Slip Couplings, AccuFlanges, and angle rings are all available factory installed or loose for field installation. Whatever the specifications require, we have the labor-saving connections to make installing our products a snap.